Yesterday’s Devo [Jesus Calling]

For the past year or so I have been using Jesus Calling as the guide for my morning devotionals. You can read how I raved about it here. In short, I love the book because it is super applicable and can be molded to take as much or as little time as needed for the day. I wish that I could say that I spend at least a half an hour on my devos each morning, but the reality is that some days I just don’t have (and by that I mean I don’t make) the time. And yes, sometimes I totally skip them. Which is unfortunate, because they always turn out to be exactly what I need. Which brings me to today.

Yesterday was a stressful day. The end of the semester is nearing (I’m in grad school), which means that all of my project deadlines are getting mighty close. Those papers that I had forever to write at the beginning of the semester? Yeah, those are all due soon. As much as I tell myself that I will not be a procrastinator…somehow the days just pass by and the papers remain unwritten. Oops.

But I digress. I was feeling overwhelmed with various school projects, the fact that no one had called me back to let me know how my internship interviews had gone, the hours I was working for my other two jobs, and getting our home ready for my in-law’s upcoming visit. I also have a conference tomorrow for class, which I’ve gotten myself all worked about because it requires me to pretend to be an educated, well-versed professional, which basically means wearing grown-up clothes. Barf.

Anyway, the devo for yesterday was:

Walk peacefully with Me through this day. You are wondering how you will cope with all that is expected of you. You must traverse this day like any other: one step at a time. Instead of mentally rehearsing how you will do this or that, keep your mind on My Presence and on taking the next step. The more demanding your day, the more help you can expect from Me. This is a training opportunity, since I designed you for deep dependence on your Shepherd-King. Challenging times wake you up and amplify your awareness of needing My help.
When you don’t know what to do, wait while I open the way before you. Trust that I know what I’m doing, and be ready to follow My lead. I will give strength to you, and I will bless you with Peace.

Um, what. That was EXACTLY what I needed to hear, today and every day. The reminder to take things one at a time. The fact that we are literally made to depend on God and that it’s a GOOD thing to need Him, in good times and in bad. The truth that I HAD mentally rehearsed those phone calls over and over again, expecting the worst case scenario, when in actuality they were both full of good news that I hadn’t even fathomed. The reassurance that it’s okay to not know exactly what to do, because everything is still going to turn out just fine.

The word that really stood out to me in this devo was peace. So easily we (or at least I) can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, in my never-ending to do lists and jam-packed color-coordinated google calendar (okay, yes, color coding is one of my guilty pleasures). In this busyness we forget how to breathe. How to be still. How to be at peace.

What an awesome reminder this was at this exact moment in time. I don’t usually share my devos, but this one stood out to me as a great reminder with great timing. I know I’m going to have to remind myself daily (hourly) to take a deep breath and remind myself of God’s goodness and grace. He has stitched together ourselves and our lives intricately and intentionally, and even when things seem a little too much, He is there.

“The Lord gives strength to His people. He blesses them with peace.”
[Psalm 29:11]

To Our Nephew on His Second Birthday

To Our Cutest Little Nephew,

How are you two years old already?! I know we always say this to you, but man, time really flies! It seems like it was just yesterday that your dad called Uncle Jon Jon and told him you were growing in your mommy’s belly.

And then, months later, you were born. After many days in the hospital (which I’m sure your mom has told you about) you finally made your grand entrance into this world. What a day that was! When we first got to hold you, when you were just one day old, it felt like we had already known you forever-even though we had just met, and you were a brand new little person.

Love has a funny way of tying us all together. Even though you and I aren’t related by blood, we’re related by something just as special-love. I love your family very, very much, and they love you. And so, simply put, I loved you from the start as well.

I love the way you light up a room. Your smile is quite infectious. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile at someone and they not smile back. We just can’t help it-your grins and giggles are contagious!

Earlier this year, during the 4th of July, we all went camping with Grandma and Grandpa at Birch Bay. We spent hours down at the water, wading through the seaweed, splashing in the waves, building moats in the sand, and watching your daddy and uncle make fools of themselves (believe me, that’s going to be a theme throughout your life). Oh, and did I mention that you peed on me? Yep, it’s true.

As you get older, I hope you always remember that you have a friend in us. Yes, we are your aunt and uncle, and yes, we always want what’s best for you and your safety. But luckily for you, we’re not your responsible parents, so we’re more likely to say yes to that late night cookie and to taking you to the movie they don’t want you to see. I’m not saying that we’re going to buy you beer (yes I am) but I want you to know that we’re here for you through thick and thin. You’re going to make mistakes, and you’re going to fall for the wrong girl. You’re going drive too fast, and get grounded, and sometimes, a long way down the road when you’re a temperamental teenager, you’re just going to hate the world. Through all of that remember that we’re here, with an ear to listen, open arms to hug you, and even a handshake when you get too cool for hugs.

We smile when we think about your future older self getting to be the cool, older cousin to our kiddos whenever they come. Even though you’re only two right now, we know that you’re going to be the best big cousin ever and show our little ones the ropes. One day, you guys will become the next wave of Tuttle Cousins, and we’ll be the ones sending you out into the chilly Christmas Eve air for your annual stroll around Sumas.

Uncle Jon Jon and I have missed you terribly the past couple of months. Thank goodness for FaceTime and silly videos from your mom-even though we’re across the country we still feel like we are watching you grow up.

We hope that you enjoy your drum set (and spend some time banging on it a little too loudly) and celebrate your special day like the little rock star you are. We’re sending lots of hugs and smoochies your way!

We love you forever,
Auntie Cote & Uncle Jon Jon

IMG_7092 IMG_7137 IMG_6616

The Wedding Nightmare

A few weeks ago I had my first wedding nightmare. Like all dreams it didn’t completely make sense-the wedding was based in Washington (at least I assume it was by the cliché abundance of pine trees) but the weather was like a North Carolina summer storm. I heard thunder in the distance as I was getting ready, and told people to hurry up so we could do the ceremony before it rained. Nevertheless, it started dumping down rain as soon as I said it, and to top it off I was doing my own makeup-and my eyebrows looked terrible. Ladies, you know what I’m saying. Rain and awful eyebrows-all the makings of nightmare wedding. Obviously.

Long story short, I woke up laughing at myself. Considering that we have almost two years before we say our official I Do’s, I would say that it’s a little premature for me to be having these types of worries. But, I’ve always been a stress dreamer (is that a thing? I’ll say yes) so it’s not really surprising. I often have bad dreams about work before a big presentation, and have trouble sleeping before big exams. Everybody has their quirks-and apparently stress dreams are mine.

All dreams and nightmares aside, I recently nailed down our engagement photoshoot, which has made this whole thing seem way more real. I know that once we see the actual pictures it will become even realer (is realer a word?) and oh man-once those save the dates are out, there’s no turning back. I love that we have almost two years to plan our big day, because it means we get to enjoy this phase even more. Some people may think we’re crazy for stretching our engagement out that long, but c’mon. We’ve waited seven years to get to this point, so a couple more years won’t kill us. As far as I’m concerned we’re not “waiting” for anything-we’re simply experiencing this next phase in our relationship, which includes getting to call each other “fiancé”. And it is awesome, and special, and something we’ll never get to experience again. And also it involves cake tastings and trying on pretty dresses, so I’m quite happy to stretch it out as long as possible, as is J. That makes it sound like he’s excited to try on pretty dresses, but I was actually referring to the cake. I think.

Needless to say, I will be having a rain plan in place when the real day comes because, let’s be honest, it’s Washington State. And I reallllllly hope that I will have enlisted someone to do my make up that will restrain from making my eyebrows look like two uneven caterpillars. Fingers crossed.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
[When Harry Met Sally]

The Thief in Our House

I let a thief live in our house.

No, not the kind you think (although I know J is counting down the days until I eventually give in and bring home some poor soul I’ve bumped into on the street). I’m talking about the sneaky, conniving, seemingly little beast called…comparison.

Was that a big enough build up? Seems dramatic, huh. We’re taught at a young age to compare things-is that color blue, or red? Does that block go here, or there? Is that shape bigger, or smaller than that other one? We use comparison when we’re weighing choices in a big decision. What will the outcome be if we choose that? What will be the positives? The negatives? We use it at the grocery store. What ingredients are in that? How much will I save if I buy the other one?

I’m not really talking about that stuff. I’m talking about when we allow comparison to creep into our personal lives and steal joy and satisfaction from us.

J and I recently got engaged. Yay! I still haven’t gotten over all of the excitement. With that engagement, however, came a ring. This is pretty normal-standard, I would say-in our culture. My ring is beautiful. It’s sparkly, fits me perfectly, and it’s one J picked out for me all by himself (well, with some hints along the way). I LOVE this ring. Every time I look down at it, it reminds me of the promises J and I have made to each other. The sacrifices he made to purchase it. The sacrifices we have both made to make our relationship thrive. It makes me happy and grateful and full of warm and fuzzies.

But then, I go on Pinterest for wedding ideas and engagement picture inspirations and obviously for the funny cat jokes. And do you know what the Pinterest wedding category is full of? Wedding rings. Gorgeous, humongous, flawless rings. The kind celebrities wear that are bazillions of dollars, or the kind that are simply way too expensive for any normal human (especially those who just graduated college and moved across the country).

And they are gorgeous. I look at them, and I think about how much bigger, or prettier, or showier they are than my ring. I forget how special mine is because those ones seem so much better.

Don’t we do this in a lot of parts of our lives? I know I do. Just as I start to feel good about my eating habits (don’t mind that pizza I had for breakfast yesterday), I see a girl with a smokin’ hot body and suddenly my progress doesn’t matter anymore. I wash my car and feel grateful that I have such reliable transportation, and then I see people driving around in Mercedes SUVs that seem so much cooler than me. It’s exhausting always comparing ourselves to others. Because, let’s face it-there will always be someone richer, prettier, and smarter. But there’s still only one person on this Earth who is the best at being you-and that’s you.

Comparison steals joy from us. It steals our satisfaction, our happiness, our content with what we have. Or, even worse, it makes us feel better than other people for superficial reasons. On the first day of school I automatically sized up a few of my classmates, trying to determine who might be my friends, who seemed weird, and who was just super pretty.

And you know what? I was wrong about basically every person I looked at. Thankfully, I had opportunities to get to know these people and become friends with them. If it wasn’t for that, comparison would have stolen those friendships and acquaintances from me.

I wish I could say that now that I’ve put this all down on paper and had this huge breakthrough, I don’t compare myself or others anymore. If only. It just means that I need to make a point to take extra time to be grateful for what I do have. For my lovely home, shared with my amazing man and our big-boned cat, in a beautiful neighborhood, in an exciting new state. For this wonderful life God gave to me and only me.

Because that is pretty darn special.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Welcome to The Charroin’s

I’ve always loved moving. Let me rephrase that. I like the BEING moved part. Finding a new house, making it a home-I love it! For the months before we moved I spent hours looking at Pottery Barn catalogs, pinning home decor on Pinterest, and scouring Southern Living magazines. When we got the keys to our new townhouse I was giddy thinking about the ways we might arrange furniture and hang pictures.

Then I realized that we didn’t have any furniture, barely any decorations, and very limited funds. Over the past month we’ve made trips to Hobby Lobby and discount furniture stores, to Goodwill and to Target. Okay, a lot of trips to Target. Our home is not yet finished, but it definitely feels like a home and not the empty house we moved into a few weeks ago.








We lucked out with an awesome patio area, and i have big plans for it-as soon as we pay down a couple of student loan payments ;) We also have an extra bedroom (looking at you, family that wants to visit!) with a bay window that I dream about lounging on while I read. In reality it’s super uncomfortable and needs a bunch of pillows to make it work. Baby steps!

Until then, I’ll be tanning at our pool and we’ll continue to settle in and make this new house into a home. And yes, by settle in I mean rearranging things and taking trips to Home Goods until J goes crazy. My most favorite purchase so far has been the simple sign hanging above our love seat that shows the phrase that serves as our motto during this new season of life.

“Wherever we are together-that is home.”

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The Perfect Wedding

I’ve always loved weddings. I mean, what girl doesn’t? Growing up, I loved the movie The Wedding Planer. The opening scene of JLo in the headset (a la Britney Spears) effortlessly executing that gorgeous wedding had me nodding and smiling and bouncing on the edge of my seat. That part where she’s planning a pretend wedding for her barbie dolls? Precious.

My love of weddings continued into my teenage years when I helped out at a family friend’s wedding venue. I worked there for four or five summers helping set up, clean up, park cars, prepare snacks, cut flowers, and divert wedding crises (well, maybe not, but in my head I was totally irreplaceable and starring in The Wedding Planner 2).

Ever since Pinterest came along I have joined the thousands (millions?) of other girls planning their imaginary weddings, full of DIY projects that will turn out nothing like the pictures and $20,000 dresses no one actually buys. Except now, I AM planning my actual wedding. My real life, not pretend, it’s actually going to happen wedding. Um, what. Excuse me while I pinch myself a little bit and scream into a pillow.

Okay, I’m back. I’ve dreamed about marrying J for almost seven years now. That’s a lot of time to plan, dream, and scheme. But now that it’s become a reality and not just a pretend event happening sometime in the future, I’m a little bit…overwhelmed? Too excited? Not excited enough? Making way too many spreadsheets than any sane person should?

Since you mentioned spreadsheets (oh wait that was me) I should probably say that I love excel, and lists, and charts, and organizational apps…and since we got engaged last month I have gone a little bit crazy with all of the awesome tools out there to help plan THE perfect event.

But as much as I want our wedding to be perfect, I know it won’t be, and I also know that somehow that will make it even more perfect. Imperfectly perfect. Because I’m not perfect. J’s not perfect. We’re not perfect. And I’m sure that some auntie will get way too drunk and say something ridiculous, that we won’t order enough chairs for everyone, that we’ll lose some important RSVPs, and that a table will collapse just when all of the food has been put on it. But that’s okay. Because that won’t make our day any less special. Because when it comes down to it, aren’t weddings simply about joining together with the one you love, surrounded by loved ones? Yes, all the stuff that comes with a wedding is pretty awesome, but I know that when the day comes (and no, we don’t have a date yet, so stop asking) all that will matter is that I’m finally marrying the man of my dreams.

Also, will you please help remind me of all of this (with a few slaps if needed) when I’m worrying about using sunshine yellow versus sunflower yellow in a few months?


“Love can’t always be perfect. Love is just love.”
[The Wedding Planner]

Our ‘Hood

As you know, J and I recently moved to NC! The neighborhood we are living in is seriously gorgeous. I mean buy a rocking chair pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and sit on the front porch smiling at all of the neighbors as they stroll on by gorgeous.

Forest Hills is one of the oldest and prettiest neighborhoods in Wilmington, just east of downtown. Most of the homes were built in the 1920’s-1950’s and are colonial style, with large lots and huge, green, sprawling front lawns. There is a relatively small amount of traffic-probably because there are speed humps every 20 yards. And yes, they do blend in with the road, and yes, I have gone over them a wee bit fast once or twice. There’s even an elementary school a block from our home, with a playground we may or may not swing at on a regular basis.

I still can’t believe that we get the privilege of walking around this quaint and friendly neighborhood every evening. During tonight’s power walk (everything feels like a power walk in this humidity) I sneaked in some pictures of my favorite homes.



IMG_7616Yall. Beautiful, right? There’s one house that’s my favorite, just a block over from our townhouse. It’s a newer brick house, with a huge front lawn, an even bigger back yard, a front porch with a swing and rockers, wooden shutters, and quaint landscaping, directly next door to the elementary school. It’s the kind of house that triggers daydreams of drinking homemade lemonade with your friends on the porch while your kids play tag in the yard. The house that just has to have a big, open kitchen inside with an island, where your family sits on stools and samples freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, while the old yellow lab drools nearby. It’s the place that stirs up thoughts of cozy movie nights, with all of your loved ones piled on big overstuffed couches, snacking on extra buttery popcorn and laughing at whatever film is on. It’s the home that makes you smile as you think of tucking in your family, kissing your other half goodnight, and drifting off to dreamland without a worry in the world.

Every time we jog past this house (or sluggishly walk by, depending on the weather that day) we look at each other and say “someday”.

“Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Road Trip

I LOVE taking trips. Weekend trips or long vacations; drives to the beach or flights to Europe. There’s something so exciting about going new places. That being said, I was never that fond of road trips. I don’t exactly enjoy sitting still, so being stuck in a seat for hours seems pretty awful.

And all that being said, I just finished a 10 day (yes, TEN day) road trip-and loved it.

J and I recently moved to North Carolina. And by recently, I mean a few days ago. Since we needed to bring my car over anyway we decided to make the drive across the country ourselves. If you look at a map, Washington State and North Carolina are basically at opposite ends of the US. It takes about 3,000 miles to get from here to there if you take it in a straight shot, but of course that’s not what we did. We are blessed to have family and friends scattered across the country, so we decided that this road trip was the perfect opportunity to see a bunch of them. So, the 3,000 mile trip quickly became 4,000, and the 4 days became 10 days long, bringing us through 14 states (!!!) until we reached our new home.

 IMG_7321||We stopped in San Francisco to see my auntie and uncle and toured the Redwoods||IMG_7346||We stopped at Disney and took cheesy pictures in Minnie Mouse ears||


||We made the obligatory stop at In N Out for burgers||IMG_7381||We swam through waterfalls and tubed the lazy river in Phoenix||


||We drove through thunder storms, then reveled in the beautiful aftermath in Texas||


||And we took A LOT of selfies||

Finally, last Friday, we ended up at our new HOME! We are living in the gorgeous neighborhood of Forest Hills in Wilmington. The houses around us are absolutely gorgeous-brick, pillars, shutters, sprawling lawns, and covered front porches. Our adorable townhouse is also brick, with a bay window, fenced in back patio, new flooring, and updated cabinetry. I am in love!


Since we made the trip in just my little Kia, we were limited on space and therefore limited in what we brought with us. We were basically starting fresh-all new furniture, new dishes, new pots and pans, new rugs, new sheets-you name it, we needed it. The first night we blew up our air mattress, set out our Costco beach chairs, and ate dinner on a moving box.


In the past few days things have come together remarkably fast, and we already have almost everything we need! It has been so fun being able to pick out everything for this exciting new chapter in our lives.

Speaking of new chapter-did I mention that we got ENGAGED?! Yes, after seven years together we decided to make it official! But more about that in another post.


For the next two weeks before I start school (I am starting the MSW program here in North Carolina) we will continue getting settled, start applying for jobs, get new licenses, and orient ourselves in our new surroundings (which really just means going to the beach). I can’t wait to update y’all on all of our new adventures as #teamcharrointakesnc!

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
[The Wizard of Oz]


Well, the week has arrived-it’s moving week! It’s a little bit misleading when I say ‘moving week’ because really we have two-the week we moved from The Burg and the week we move to NC. Today is the second one, but I’m reflecting on the first. 

I’ve known for over a year now that I would be moving to NC for grad school at this time of the year. What I didn’t know was the exact date, if J would be coming with me, what our future home would look like, and how hard it would be to say goodbye to this place that has become comfortable and familiar over the years.

It’s not exactly a secret that I wasn’t a fan of The Burg when we first moved here. I was coming from the heart of Waikiki, where I was living with my best friend, working at an awesome job with amazing coworkers, pouring myself into an incredible church, and soaking up the sunshine every single day. The Burg, on the other hand, is…not exactly that. But over the past three years I’ve come to enjoy the small town feel, the big, open, sprawling hayfields, the expansive view that comes after the murder that is the Manastash ridge hike, the oodles of fresh veggies and fruits at the Farmer’s Market, and the genuine love of the people that live there.

Because that’s what it all comes down to in the end, isn’t it? It’s the people that make a place a nice place to live. It’s the people that make a town inviting, a morning drive pleasant, and a grocery trip not feel like a chore. It’s the people that make a place home.

Yes, I miss the cornfields and beautiful mountains of my hometown. Yes, I miss the breathtaking beaches on Oahu. Yes, I miss the sunsets in The Burg. But mostly, I miss the family that comes with where I’m from. The friends that turned into family in Hawaii. And now, I will miss the wonderful people I have been able to call my friends and surrogate family here in The Middle of Washington.

Moving is a bittersweet thing. On one hand, it’s an adventure-and there’s nothing I love more than a grand adventure. But on the other hand it’s a bit shocking-you leave behind the familiar and the routine, you leave the people you love, and you just start all over.

Gone will be the days of relaxing in the comfort of The Yellow House. No longer will the local sandwich shop know my order (turkey on wheat with cranberry and cream cheese and extra onion, if you’re wondering). And no longer will I feel completely comfortable at work and feel like I’ve finally gotten into the groove of things.

When we move, all of those things will change. We’ll have to find a new favorite restaurant and a new favorite coffee shop to study at. We’ll begin the terrifying process of applying for jobs and going through interviews, and eventually have to learn the routine of whatever work place we end up at. I’ll have to put up with piles of boxes and unfinished rooms, of unorganized cupboards and too many junk drawers.

But that also means we GET to try a bunch of new cafes and eateries. We GET to find new opportunities and meet new people. We GET to start from scratch and turn an empty house into our home.

Moving is weird. It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s sad. It’s adventurous. It’s stressful. And although it means leaving precious things behind, it also means there’s a new opportunity coming to discover new precious things, experiences, and people.


“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”
[Carl Sandburg]

Holding Out for Something Better

When I first moved to The Burg I couldn’t find a job to save my life. I’m talking application after application. Job search after job search. A lot of money spent printing resumes and cover letters. I mean…even Taco Bell didn’t want to hire me. Taco Bell!! (I love me some 7 Layer Burritos, but that’s beside the point). I never realized how much worth we (or at least I) put into having a job. It seems to be the ‘American Way’ to have a ‘good job’ and be able to ‘provide’ for yourself and your family. When I couldn’t even get an interview at a fast food restaurant, I felt my morale hit a low. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t anyone want to hire me?

I’ve always been blessed with work in the sense of having nice, comfortable, supportive jobs. Growing up I had a network of family and friends that enabled me to work at different places that I enjoyed. When I moved to Hawaii I got hired at Starbucks right after applying, and I grew to absolutely love it there. I was promoted to a shift lead at my six month review (I say this not as a brag but to illustrate a point). I’m not the most business savvy or incredible butt buster (is that a term?), but I work hard and I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders.

That being said, for the first year in The Burg, I was jobless. When summer rolled around and I had no new job prospects, I bit the bullet and called the lady who my friend had been cleaning for. Needless to say, cleaning disgusting college apartments in the 100 degree heat of summer was not a high point for me.

As I kneeled on linoleum floors and scrubbed toilet after toilet (seriously, the number was high. Maybe triple digits. I don’t really want to think about it) I felt my ‘job morale’ sink even lower. I joked that the cleaning job was a good example to ‘stay in school, kids!’ (I was about to enter my last year of college) but really, I felt ashamed and worthless.

During those months of cleaning I would listen to a variety of music, radio stations, and podcasts. I started subscribing to some awesome sermons, including ones from my old church in Hawaii. One evening in the middle of this joblessness/cleaning despair, K told me something along the lines of “God must have something really awesome saved up for you if He’s keeping you from every other job”. I think I laughingly agreed and another topic came up, but later that night, her words really hit me deep in my heart

So, the next day, as I scrubbed toilets and bathtubs and kitchen sinks, I listened to a sermon, and I said a simple prayer. Basically, I asked God to show me where He wanted to put me. And yes, I asked Him to show me NOW.

Now, we know God works on His own schedule. He has His own timing. And yes, His timing is always WAY better than our own, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. And this is no exception.

As part of my undergrad degree, I needed an internship revolving around something social work-y. In my countless scours of the internet I found a job posting for an AmeriCorps position at a place in my town. Upon further website investigation, I found that there was a volunteer application WITH a spot to check if you wanted to intern. So, I filled out yet another job application, dressed up, dropped it off at the office, and…nothing.

A think a week or two went by, and I stopped by again. Yes, they had received it. No, they didn’t have any further questions. Then, I stopped by again. Or maybe I called. I don’t remember the exact details-I think my brain blocked out this soul sucking time of my life. Just kidding. But really.

Long story short, the HR manager finally called me and set up an interview. Not hours after the interview, she let me know that they wanted me! I could practically hear the angels singing. SOMEONE WANTED ME! No, they weren’t paying me, and no, I didn’t really know exactly what I would be doing, but still! Someone actually wanted me.

A month and a half into my internship they wanted to hire me. Yes, with pay! And awhile after that, I shifted roles again. And now, after almost two years at the glorious place that said yes to me, I am fully reflecting at the goodness God had in mind making me wait and placing me there.

The experiences I have had are priceless. I have no doubt that they and the learning I was able to write about in my narrative got me into my #1 choice grad school. The interactions I have had with clients have reaffirmed that I am in the right field. The people I met there have become near and dear to my heart. My first manager and his family have become huge sources of joy, and their little ones have lit up my life each week. The man I used to share an office with has become like an uncle; the girls I work with became confidants. That HR manager that finally gave me the time of day has become a positive role model of both a girl boss and a woman of God-and her precious daughter makes my heart smile time and time again.

And you know why? Because God made me wait. He looked over my begging and rolled eyes and pleads of getting hired at Taco Bell, and saved my time for a place that needed me-and more importantly, that I needed.

And it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life so far.

“When God tells you no, tell Him thank you. He’s holding out for something better.”